Negotiation modules

(1) Pain and Pleasure module: Development of determination and perseverance by developing personal goals for negotiations.

(2) Product enthusiasm module: Deepening the power of individual persuasion for your own product or service.

(3) Compliment module: Development of a proven lever to get difficult negotiations back on track.

(4) Alternative Closing module: Specification of this closing technique for current business goals.

(5) Pre-closing module: Individualized alignment of the presentation to the business deal.

(6) Hot button module: Identification of the most important decision parameters of currently relevant customers.

(7) Stepping stone module: Repartee training for the direct transfer of objections into business deals.

(8) Objection handling module: Increasing the number of variants in order to deal with customer skepticism in negotiations even more professionally.

(9) Needs analysis module: Elaboration of the specific needs of negotiation partners.

(10) Looping module: This is about training your own sales perseverance on the basis of a live training by Jordan Belfort.

(11) How-Much module: Here you learn a variant to deal with the question of the price in a transaction-oriented manner.

(12) Pricing module: Development and negotiation of price targets.

(13) Agree module: Practicing anticipatory handling of negotiating partners' negative reflexes.

(14) Smart price module: With this module, you can further develop your own creativity and flexibility in price negotiations.

(15) Your value my value module: Recognizing and using concrete potential. This training is based insights from the Harvard negotiation methodology.

(16) Sales plan module: sales planning, etc. based on the model of Jean Paul de Joria.

Content can be flexibly adapted to the current needs of the client.