from contact to contract

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one day of negotiating into results
3rd of December
10am to 5pm

your results of this day of training:

  1. Skill to use the law of persistence like the top 1% of negotiators

  2. present your business with powerful one-liners

  3. address the need behind the words based on Jordan Belforts Straight line System

  4. Bonus: Zoom live Training
    17th of December 10am-11:30 am
    Skill: How to deal with the discomfort of growth based on Tony Robbins Systems

  5. Full Success Guarantee: Zoom Training for free, if you are not skilled as expected

Further Info

Powerful One-Liners for Deals and Contacts

  • based on Lisa Nichols System


Super - Networking - At - Accelerated - Pace

    • As a result of this technique Lisa Nichols was able to generate 4,8 Million $ from investors.

    • As a result of this technique, you will never confuse anyone again about your business.

    • As a result of this technique, you will get the attention for you and your business with only one sentence!

    • you will have enough ammunition to convince your client from first contact until contract.

straight line negotiating based on Jordan Belfort

  • as a result of this training you are going to gain a deep understanding of Jordan Belforts technique

  • and you will be trained to apply it for your results

Zoom Training starting 17th of December 2022

10am - 11:30am

  • How to deal with the discomfort of growth!

  • as a result you learn advanced self management techniques on the basis of Tony Robbins

  • Results formula training:

  • Belief * Action * Quality = Results