Rotating Pairwork simultaneously encourages both personal evolvement and mutual reinforcement.

Students are more than empty buckets that can be filled with new knowledge. Every trainee already has a rich fund of knowledge, both conscious and subconscious, as well as various social skills. The trainer who can access the source of knowledge held by the trainee can tap into an unexpected treasure of knowledge, pride, and responsibility and create an increased level of identity both at a personal and corporate level.

The management under whose portfolio the teaching rests has a growing responsibility for the company’s success. To fulfill these responsibilities, management has to connect to the individual student both personally and professionally to create a sense of freedom and pride in all the learning processes.

The student who learns in a stressful environment is able to remember the learning matter, but because of the anxiety with which the information was gathered, is not be able to apply it creatively as the negative emotions subconsciously will be remembered, as well.